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    Laser-sharp technology
    State-of-the-Art Production

Our quest for perfection knows no limits. GDW has an ongoing investment programme that ensures we always use the most advanced production technology.

For example, we always opt for cutting-edge machinery (usually from German and Japanese manufacturers), because every towbar that we produce must be absolutely safe. Fully automatic computer-controlled laser-cutting machines create every single fastening and anchoring part for every towbar totally to size and down to the tiniest margin of accuracy.

Our components are bent to shape using laser-guided folding machines, while a series of inline, computer-controlled welding robots ensure precise weld seams, each of which is specifically designed for each model.

The assembly parts needed for each towbar are selected and quantified using specific sorting machines that are totally geared to the whole packaging line.

This in-depth automation has lifted GDW to the level of zero-failure.

The state-of-the-art technology and surgical precision that we apply during production provide an absolute guarantee that the towbar you buy will fit on your specific vehicle’s chassis exactly. You can literally feel this precision when you fit the towbar. Each and every towbar that leaves our production site is made to the perfect shape.

Smooth, problem-free, safe assembly is an additional benefit for every GDW towbar. The result of laser-sharp technology.