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    Research, Development & EEC Homologations:
    Being conscientious

At GDW, every new towbar is measured and drawn based on an early model of every new type of car. This requires a great deal of precision work, but is the best possible approach. By always developing each new model to match a specific car, we are then able to adjust it to combine with the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing way of mounting it.

The perfect fit

Wherever possible, no cuts are made into the bumper. And because the towbar is designed for a specific vehicle, its shape is automatically perfect. Every new towbar also undergoes the most stringent durability tests. Each item is subjected to merciless testing for 3 days and nights, representing at least 2 million sudden and brutal movements. We receive TÜV approval for each towbar only after this exhaustive testing. 

Everything under control

Our integrated design department of engineers and calibrators ensure that an appropriate towbar can be supplied within a few weeks of the introduction of each new model of car launched on the market. Every towbar also comes with an assembly manual showing clear pictograms designed for each specific model of car. 

Exact measuring for specific prototype

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The R&D specialists develop a specific tailored towbar for every vehicle. Each towbar is designed in 3-D. The GDW engineers guarantee optimum strength for every model. For every new model, the prototype is developed on the vehicle. This integrated R&D approach is the only possible guarantee for a high-quality towbar.

Developing a prototype on the car is the best way of choosing the towbar's design. This approach makes it possible to create a towbar that will fit perfectly to the car on which it will be placed. If possible, without having to disassemble the bumper or to make a cut in it. Not only the material is important, the time it takes to fit the towbar also gets our highest attention ! The creativity and experience of our engineers will be appreciated by the people who will fit the towbar under the car.

The use of a laser-guided measuring device provides precise measurements that are needed to design the exact prototype.

3D designs for precise programming

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Once the prototype has been developed on the car, it has to be recreated in 3-D to be used by computers. At that point, all separate parts included in the towbar will be designed. These parts will be used as a basis for the production line and the pictograms shown in the mounting instructions.

The EEC homologation process

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All GDW towbars are homologated EEC 94/20 and EEC 55R. This means they all have been subjected to the most stringent durability tests. Those are done in house and are controlled and homologated by the most famous laboratories like TÜV Germany. The towbar is placed on a test bench that will perform 2.000.000 movements using the maximum towing capacity given by the car manufacturer. This test is very severe and a guarantee for the highest quality.

Fitting instructions

All of our products are delivered with mounting instructions with pictograms. Click here to download a bigger view in PDF.

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