• Large Waregem 800 500 90 S C1

    GDW group of companies
    Waregem - Belgium

  • GDW Mouscron

    GDW group of companies
    Mouscron - Belgium

  • Large Thoirette 800 500 90 S C1

    GDW group of companies
    Thoirette - France

  • Gdw France 800 500 90 S C1

    GDW group of companies
    Les Avinières - France

  • Large Kolding 800 500 90 S C1

    GDW group of companies
    Kolding - Denmark

Our history

GDW was established in 1952 by Germain Deconinck in Waregem and it is from his initials that our brand name originates. The company was taken over in 1996 by the actual owner and is still a family business. That has been the driving force behind its further expansion. The production process has been thoroughly modernised since then. New people have been recruited to help the experienced forces and the company has been given maximum room to grow, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The company has become a group with 5 production units in Western Europe ( Belgium, France, Denmark). Flexibility, quality and service are the goals of the GDW Group since 1952 !

  • GDW Waregem
    GDW Waregem

GDW is headquartered in Waregem - Belgium. Developement, production and stock are located here in a 20.000 m² building.

  • GDW Mouscron
    GDW Mouscron

In 2008, a new high-tech production site was built in Mouscron. The site features all of the state-of-the-art technology that the sector has to offer. Laser cutting machines and CNC-machines are loaded by robots which are programmed by high qualified technicians. GDW will continue to build on its technological developments and market growth through other logical expansions. Because as one of the few purely towbar specialists in the world, our aim is to make the difference.

  • GDW France - Avinières
    GDW France - Avinières

In 2007, the French company, Boisnier, was acquired to upgrade the production capacities and to give the best service to all French customers. "Boisnier - GDW France" was born.

  • GDW France - Thoirette
    GDW France - Thoirette

Boisnier has 2 production sites in France. Both are in the Jura area: The offices and stock are located in Toirette and the main production site is in "Les Avinières"

  • GDW Denmark
    GDW Denmark

In 2001, the company made its first acquisition in Denmark and GDW Dansk was created to supply the Scandinavian markets.