Discover How a Towbar is Made

Advanced Production Line


Fiber Laser Cutting and Sawing Machines for the tubes

At GDW, every detail is important.

Our computer-controlled fiber laser cutting machines operate 24 hours a day and are continuously monitored by cameras. This allows us to achieve a triple increase in our production capacity by reducing the costs. The plates are laser-cut in our factory in Mouscron, after which the parts are transported to Waregem for further processing. The tubes are processed using automated computer-controlled sawing machines.

Bending and Welding Department

Our cut pieces and tubes are carefully bent according to the specifications of our engineers. To ensure a perfect fit and minimize tolerance differences, the accuracy of the bends is checked using laser technology.

Computer-controlled welding robots ensure precise welds specific to each model. Our towbar structures are placed in fixtures and then welded by robots programmed remotely by computers.

Thanks to this high-quality technology, we can offer a lifetime warranty on our towbar structures.

Advanced CNC Lathe

The CNC machines responsible for assembling the ball mounts are operated by robots. This automated process allows the machine to work unmanned during the night and on weekends.

Sandblasting and Phosphating

Each towbar undergoes a sandblasting treatment and is then stripped of impurities through phosphating. This ensures we can guarantee the highest quality paint.

Paint Line and Packaging

After sandblasting and phosphating, the towbars are immersed in paint for maximum protection against rust.

All our products are internally packaged. All bolts necessary to mount the towbars are prepared and packaged in advance and automatically in our factories. Every bag is weighed to make sure the content is correct and it contains all bolts and nuts. These bags are then packaged together with the towbar in sturdy, heat-shrinkable plastic film, taking the shape of the towbar.

This allows us to guarantee the safe delivery of all these components.

In-House Fixture Construction

Our technical department designs and produces all fixtures and prototypes internally.

We use CNC- controlled machines, on which specific parts are also milled. The preservation of all our fixtures during several years enables us to produce towbars for older and historical vehicles.

Testing Department

Every new model of towbar undergoes extensive durability testing on our rigorous GDW test benches. These tests are directly connected to European classification bodies through digital computer lines.

Inventory (Stock)

Our service is an important asset. We keep a permanent stock of over 35000 towbars in our warehouse of 5,000 m² in Waregem (Belgium), 20,000 in Boisnier (France) and 5,000 in Dansk (Denmark). We offer more than 2200 references.

Thanks to this daily investment, we can be proud to deliver no less than 96% of all orders within 24 hours, which is a unique service in our industry.

After-Sales Service

Our experienced team ensures that orders are always accurately registered, checked, and followed up.

Orders can be placed via phone, fax, email or our website.

Any order placed before 3:30 PM is loaded on the same day and delivered overnight or the next day within Belgium and the closest European markets.