Concious Approach

Research and Development


At GDW, we follow an approach of unparalleled precision when designing each new towbar.

For every new vehicle model, we measure and sketch the initial prototype with the help of measure equipment and specific computer programs. This requires meticulous work, but the result is a towbar that fits perfectly on the specific vehicle and that is easy to install with regard for the cars aesthetics.

The Perfect Fit

Safety, aesthetics et easy installation

Wherever possible, we avoid any form of bumper cutting. Every towbar is designed for a specific vehicle and undergoes severe durability tests. They are put on our test benches where 2 million movements are simulated taking into account the towing capacity of the vehicle.

This takes 3 days and 3 nights and simulates the daily use of the vehicles including sudden and abrupt shocks.

Our “CARLOS” test benches are acknowledged by the car manufacturers and each towbar is secure and approved thanks to the TÜV certification.

Onderzoek en ontwikkeling

Everything Under Control

Flexibility is part of our design department. Our R&D department, consisting of engineers and calibrators, ensures that each new towbar can be delivered as soon as possible on the market after introduction of new car models. The average delay is 12 weeks, which represents a real achievement in the industry.

Every towbar is obviously delivered with an installation manual featuring clear icons specifically designed for each car model.

Precise Measurements for a Custom Prototype

Our R&D specialists design a towbar that is unique for each car, and each design is made in 3D. The engineers of GDW guarantee a perfect durability for each model. The prototypes are developed and designed on the car itself in our workplace.

This integrated approach is the only guarantee for a towbar of high quality that respects aesthetics and the time to mount it. The use of laser measuring arm ensures exact measurements.

Homologation Process

All GDW towbars are homologated according to European Directive 94/20 and 55R. This means they have undergone rigorous durability tests. These tests are conducted in our own laboratory and are verified and approved by renowned laboratories such as TÜV in Germany. The towbar is placed on a test bench that performs 2 million movements at the maximum towing capacity specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Installation Manuals

All our products come with installation manuals featuring clear icons to simplify the installation process. You can download a larger PDF version here.