At GDW Group, we combine technological innovation and a first class service.

The flexibility of a family business as well as the passion and force driving the teams in our 5 production sites in Europe allow us to meet the needs of our customers and the market. We provide towbar solutions that not only meet legal requirements but also offer excellent value for money.

Our History

GDW was founded in 1952 by Germain Deconinck in Waregem, from which our (brand) name originated. In 1996, the company was acquired by the family Neirynck and is run by Gregory Saelens since 1998.

Afterwards partnership has changed over the years and with the help of ING it belongs today to Gregory Saelens (CEO and majority shareholder) and Geert Cuvelier (technical director).

The annual growth of our company, pushed by our sales teams managed by Tanguy Seutin as sales director, has enabled us to modernize our production process through investments in the most modern machinery in Europe. We were lucky to be able to employ qualified and motivated persons who helped us to strengthen our well-established reputation over already more than 70 years.

With five production locations in Western Europe (Belgium, France, and Denmark) since 1952, flexibility, quality, and service remain our top priorities.

Our Mission

At GDW Group, we are committed to:

  • Improve continuously our products thanks to strict quality controls as well as production
    processes that meet European standards. We dispose also of the ISO9001 certification.
  • Strengthen our market position through fair pricing and efficient resource utilization.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through a comprehensive range of products and quick
    development and delivery times.
  • Be a responsible and social company allowing our employees to work in a safe and positive
    environment by respecting safety rules and looking to improve their skills and using
    production means of the latest generations.

The construction of our towbars, whether fixed or detachable, is guaranteed throughout the life of the
vehicle to which they are fitted.

Logistics Mastery

Our product range consists of more than 2200 car models and we keep a stock of more than 60000 towbars divided over our different branches in Europe. This enables us to deliver every reference without any delay.

Our warehouse in Belgium that is fully automated, covers an area of 5000 m² and was designed especially to stock and load the towbars and wiring kits efficiently. In this way we can guarantee superfast deliveries.

All orders received before 3:30 pm leave our warehouse on the same day and are delivered at your request overnight or the next day as for the closest markets.

With our advanced logistics and extensive inventory, we proudly state that we can deliver 99% of our towbars within 24 hours in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Additionally, we strive to guarantee the shortest delivery times worldwide.

Productielijn GDW Towbars

Innovative Production Process

At GDW, we continue to invest in advanced manufacturing technologies. We consciously choose suppliers of high-end machinery.

At GDW, we continue to invest in advanced manufacturing technologies. We consciously choose suppliers of high-end machinery.

Our fiber laser cutting machines were the first to be installed in Belgium
by the company “Trumph”. Safety and innovation remain our top priorities and our installations are fully automated.

Our 14 welding robots ensure precise welds specially designed for each model, and sorting machines select each bolt that is included in our towbars.

These parts are weighed after every handling in order to be able to guarantee that the correct pieces are shipped and so the towbars that we deliver will fit your vehicle perfectly and they are easy and safe to mount.

Our Locations

Waregem, Belgium - Headquarters

Development department, production, and stock under the same roof in a 20,000m²

Mouscron, Belgium

In 2008, we built a new and ultramodern production facility equipped with the latest technologies, including fiber laser technology and fully automated CNC machines allowing team production without a constant presence of our workers.

Avinières, France

In 2007, we acquired Boisnier to increase our production capacity and provide better service to our French customers.

Thoirette, France

Boisnier has two production locations in France, with offices and stock in Thoirette and the main production facility in Les Avinières.

Kolding, Denmark

In 2001, we established ourselves in Denmark in order to be able to offer the best service to the
Scandinavian Market