• Lasersharp Top 1280 540 90 S C1

    Future proof
    Our towbars outlive every vehicle

Durability offers safety and security. Our towbars always outlive the vehicles they are fitted to.

The horizontal, detachable towbar developed by GDW is also ultra-strong. Its construction, with handle, is considered to be the toughest in the marketplace! Even in extreme weather circumstances, it can always be removed without a problem, using the metal handle.

World exclusive: one body, 2 towbars!

GDW towbars offer maximum flexibility. For example, GDW has been the first manufacturer able to fit both fixed and detachable towbars to the same vehicle body and has sinds been copied many times. To sum up, if you buy a fixed towbar and want to switch to a detachable model at a later stage: no problem! The body section that is attached to your chassis is also perfect for fitting our detachable towbar. It’s a unique GDW feature that works in your favour!

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