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The GDW Wiring Kits

  • Setgdwsp4 13
  • Setgdwsp4 7

Universal wiring kit: SETGDWSP_4

Contains all components, including the necessary instructions for connecting the trailer to the vehicle using the 12N socket with 7 terminals (SETGDWSP_4) or 13 terminals (SETGDWSP13_4). This kit prevents all possible electrical interferences or additional nuisances. The kit is known for its ability to take immediate power from the battery or from the alternator. This avoids possible dysfunction of the central of the vehicle. This electrical kit can be installed on most vehicles, including vehicles equipped with:

  • System with digital control of the lights with different voltages
  • Multiplex cable BSI system
  • CAN BUS Data system
  • Detection system of faulty Lights (SFL)
  • Light Failure Sensor (LFS)
  • Light system which indicates low voltage

  • Specifiek 7P Zonder Achtergrond Kleiner

Specific kit

Electrical kits for tow bars, adapted to brand and type of vehicle. These electrical kits can be connected directly to the electrical wiring of the vehicle (plug in).